Vacon gains marine approval for CA drives

06 November 2007

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Vacon has received type approval for marine use from the Norwegian certification body Det Norske Veritas (DNV). Earlier, Vacon received type approval from the French certification body Bureau Veritas (BV). These approvals apply to Vacon's NXL, NXS and NXP ranges of AC drives.

Jussi-Pekka Sampola, Product Marketing Director for Marine and Offshore at Vacon, comments; "These type approval certificates make a statement that our AC drives conform to the high requirements of the marine and offshore segment. In practice, Vacon NXL, NXS and NXP drives can be delivered without surveyor presence according to given terms. This will definitely boost our sales in the marine and offshore business."

Vacon has delivered AC drives to control main propulsion, thrusters and steering gear, as well as drawworks, topdrives, rotary tables and various types of winches. Deliveries also include a considerable number of AC drives to control pumps used in dredging, cooling, cargo handling and oil drilling. When AC drives are delivered to an OEM or system integrator customer, the enclosure must be tested according to the BV and DNV requirements, and the certificates are supplied according to the project-specific information.

In the highly fragmented AC drive market, Vacon says it is the largest company that focuses entirely on AC drives. The company has a complete product portfolio in the power range from 0.25kW to 5MW and at voltages up to 690V, including air- and liquid-cooled units and common DC bus components.

Supporting open automation and international standards, Vacon AC drives are delivered to OEM customers, end-users, brand label customers, distributors and system houses (system integrators) throughout the world.

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