Utilitrak guideway to be highlighted on HepcoMotion stand

30 November 2007

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Utilitrak guideway to be highlighted on HepcoMotion standHepcoMotion will be on stand 2110 at the Machine Building Show 2008 (13 and 14 February) exhibiting a number of its ever-popular products as well as the recently extended Utilitrak linear motion system.

The company says that demand for its multi-axis systems and sub-assemblies is growing year-on-year. A typical request would be for an aluminium framework forming a chassis onto which is mounted any combination of the HepcoMotion products. And within each of the company's product lines there is considerable scope for selecting the optimum component or system for the job. This includes a wide selection of corrosion-resistant products for creating bespoke systems for food, scientific and electronic manufacturing sectors.

At Machine Building 2008 HepcoMotion will emphasise this capability as well as its exceptionally wide range of off-the-shelf linear motion components for customers with in-house design and assembly facilities. The recently extended Utilitrak linear motion system is highly economical and features a narrow, compact profile that is well suited to a variety of production environments where smooth, high-speed motion is required. Now, thanks to the introduction of standard bridge connections, parallel Utilitrak systems can be installed with ease.

Utilitrak is an excellent choice for running two systems in parallel where one slide uses DualVee guide wheels and other MadeWell crowned rollers. As precise parallelism is difficult to achieve, it is not uncommon for mounting surfaces to be slightly out of true. The Utilitrak design compensates for these mounting errors and does not require absolute parallelism for accurate operation.

GV3 linear motion

HepcoMotion's flagship GV3 universal linear motion system is another good choice for bespoke system specifications, as it offers a wide range of sizes, types and precision grades to meet most automation application needs. As a result, an optimised linear system can be specified for most performance criteria and budgets.

DualVee Motion Technology has also been subject to further development to extend its application potential. The various new options that have been introduced as a result of this initiative will benefit light-duty applications in clean rooms, through to rugged transport systems working in hostile environments. This linear guidance technology is now more versatile and even more cost-effective.

Sealed belt drives

The introduction of a long-carriage version of the HepcoMotion SBD Sealed Belt Drive considerably widens the scope of this proven linear system. As well as offering higher capacity, it is more rigid and therefore has greater positioning accuracy. It is also useful for those seeking a streamlined system with the ability to accommodate multi-directional loads. These benefits are in addition to those inherent in the SBD design, whose purpose is to meet the needs of high loads and demanding duty cycles.

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