Vacon and STAF sign long-term co-operation agreement

30 January 2008

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Vacon and Sail Training Association Finland (STAF) have signed a long-term co-operation agreement. Vacon will be STAF's main co-operation partner until the end of 2010. Vacon will, for example, participate in STAF's Sails for Environment project.

Heikki Hiltunen, Executive Vice President of Vacon, comments: "Sailing teaches many valuable skills that are also needed in working life: the ability to work in a team, taking responsibility, continuously aiming at a certain goal and taking others into account. It is important for Vacon to support STAF's valuable work for sailing, youth and environment. Our co-operation brings Vacon visibility at all seas and ports of the world and gives us new opportunities to organise, for example, events on STAF's flagship, the schooner Helena."

Stefan Abrahamsson, STAF's Executive Manager, states: "STAF and Vacon share many values: people in focus, drive for achievement and passion for excellence. We are very happy to have Vacon as our main co-operation partner in the Sails for Environment project and in our work among young people."

STAF's Sails for Environment project aims at promoting environmental protection in co-operation with several outside parties. The activities include training and information campaigns on the effects of climate change and pollution on the ecological system, as well as sailing tours with different themes. The patron of the Sails for Environment project will be Tanja Saarela, member of the Finnish Parliament.

STAF and Vacon will also jointly take part in many marketing events and exhibitions. Vacon will be STAF's main sponsor at the Helsinki International boat shows in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

About Sail Training Association Finland

Sail Training Association Finland (STAF) was founded more than 30 years ago to organise sail training especially for young people. The operations are based on voluntary work. The crew on the ships consists of 50 professional and non-professional people devoted to sailing, guiding and training young people and adults on sailing tours.

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