What is the right colour for a motor?

18 February 2008

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Justin Levine, the managing director of Parvalux, has used his blog to ask customers what colour Parvalux motors should be painted - or should metallic blue prevail?

Votes have already been cast against blue and white, but what about other colours? Black would not help Parvalux differentiate its motors from those of other suppliers, and yellow and red are associated with hazards. Orange would be a bold choice except that B&R has rather laid claim to it with its 'automation is orange' strapline.

I remember specifying and installing Parvalux motors around 15 years ago and the paint finish then was Hammerite silver-grey. Hardly exciting, but it was tough and did not show the dirt.

Some lateral thinking in the Parvalux design department has resulted in a CAD model with a Burberry finish, but what do you think? Email with your views.

Jonathan Severn

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