Free guide to specifying cable assemblies

17 April 2008

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PEI-Genesis is publishing a new cable-assembly ‘cook book’ that provides a step-by-step guide to designing, specifying and building cable assemblies.

Starting with a number of standard cable design ‘recipes’, the book uses a simple selection chart to help customers choose an appropriate design to match their requirements for criteria such as cable type, shielding and sealing.

It then leads customers through the process of selecting not just the right connector for the application, but also appropriate items from PEI’s proprietary range of pre-tested and pre-matched backshells, shrink boots and other accessories, which are cost-effective for terminating the connector to the cable.

Each complete kit of parts is supplied by PEI-Genesis in one bag with a single part number, thereby eliminating the need to order several different part numbers.

To make product selection as easy as possible, the 284-page cable-assembly book includes comprehensive data on 14 different ranges of connectors from leading manufacturers Amphenol and ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT Cannon).

There is also an accessories section covering heat-shrink tubing, flexible conduit, potting compounds, cable ties and tools, while an appendix provides useful reference material such as a glossary of terms, conversion tables and a complete part-number index.

A complementary website,, enables individual cook book sections to be downloaded in PDF format and also includes a variety of additional resources.

The cable-assembly cook book can be obtained by emailing .

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