Repaired motors maintain Eff1 efficiency

13 May 2008

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Anstee Ware provides a total repair service for large and small AC and DC motors with facilities for motors rated up to 13.8kV. A recent investment in pyrolysis process burn-off ovens helps to ensure that rotor and stator rewinds maintain original efficiency performance - even for Eff1 motors.

The pyrolysis process used in Anstee Ware's ovens maintains pre-set oven temperature precisely in a controlled low-oxygen environment to break down and remove organic materials. This combination enables the plastics and varnishes used in the winding insulation to burn off completely while ensuring that the temperature does not rise to levels that may damage the motor laminations. In conventional burn-off ovens used by many motor repair companies, hot spots frequently cause unequal temperatures in the laminations, which can easily result in deformation and even cracks, critically affecting motor performance.

The pyrolysis oven process also includes an afterburner that efficiently removes harmful exhaust gases during combustion, resulting in more environmentally friendly emissions than conventional burn-off ovens.

A further benefit of the pyrolysis oven process is that insulation removal is much more predictable, requiring minimal additional processing, which is helpful for customers who require Anstee Ware's 24-hour turnaround motor rewind service.

Anstee Ware offers a complete repair and refurbishment service for all types of AC and DC motors, generators and alternators with in-house facilities that can handle up to 40tons and with 13.8kV running tests. The service also includes dynamic balancing, in-house full-flow pump testing, complete gearbox repairs and large fabrication work.

Operating from five regional centres across the UK, Anstee Ware provides a round-the-clock, 365-day electrical and mechanical breakdown service as well as predictive maintenance, asset and facilities management services for many major UK manufacturers, utilities and service organisations. The £25million Anstee Ware Group also includes specialist aerospace, compressed air and engineering products distribution services.

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