Marlin Automated Manufacturing Systems is set to expand

28 May 2008

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Marlin Automated Manufacturing Systems is planning a major expansion in activities, both in the UK and worldwide, with the financial backing and support of Arc Fund Management.

Many well known manufacturing businesses rely on Marlin to provide cost-effective, efficient and reliable automated manufacturing systems. Groups such as Siemens, Johnson Controls and GE all operate automated lines, designed and produced by Marlin, for a wide range of end products and applications.

Over the last five years, turnover has doubled at Marlin and productivity increased by 100 per cent. These dramatic results have been noticed by the investment community, resulting in a substantial investment by Arc Fund Management in Marlin to support the planned future growth.

Marlin has always maintained a wide portfolio of customers outside the UK and the emphasis on further developing overseas markets will continue with an ambitious target to double turnover overseas. Marlin is already active in a broad spread of markets from Puerto Rico and Malaysia to Europe and North America. The company is even selling automation to manufacturers in China!

Global reach

Sales Director, Aaron Houston comments: “The support from Arc Fund Management has really allowed us to bring forward our overseas expansion plans. Customers are increasingly demanding that we are able to provide automation solutions for their manufacturing lines wherever in the world the factories are located.”

Marlin has always worked closely with customers to ensure that the best automation is designed to match the operational and production criteria of each application. Now, with the support of Arc Fund Management, Marlin is ready to respond to that need.

Marlin specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke and ‘build to print’ automation systems. Its customer base spans industry from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to automotive and electronics. Many manufacturing companies are selecting Marlin as their partner for the development of automated systems.

Marlin Automated Manufacturing Systemsvisit website
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