Huco diversifies into specialist motors and gearboxes

18 June 2008

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Although Huco Dynatork has carried a few power transmission components in its range for many years, this market has never been a primary focus. However, with machine builders rationalising their sources of supply, there is an increasing opportunity for the company to broaden its scope in this area. As a result the company is now adding to its list of credentials the supply of motors and gearboxes. Rather than just supply ‘me too’ products, Huco Dynatork has sourced ranges that it believes offer unique selling points, providing distinct design and performance benefits over other products on the market.

Elprom has manufactured standard and custom-designed motors for specialised applications since 1963. Its products include motors with integrated frequency inverters, waterproof motors and motors without ventilation.

Complementing these is the TS Power Transmission range of gearboxes. Typical of its innovative offerings is a worm gear reduction unit with integral torque limiter.

Huco Dynatork now represents both of these companies in the UK, in addition to continuing to supply precision miniature couplings and Dynatork piston air motors.

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