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28 October 2008

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Sick publishes free guide to machinery safetyWith the imminent (29 December 2009) changes to the Machinery Directive and, here in the UK, the corresponding Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations, as well as the new standards superseding BS EN 954-1, Sick (UK) is concerned that manufacturers, safety managers, and design and production engineers will be overwhelmed by 'standards speak' and lose sight of the main objectives of ensuring that all new machinery is safe and complies with the appropriate standards and regulations.

Seb Strutt states: "We find that hands-on, practically focused guidance is the best way for the engineer to get to grips with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and all its ramifications. That is why our new Sick publication Six Steps to a Safe Machine (Guidelines Safe Machinery) is an essential part of the safety working toolkit.

"Six Steps is free, and its 120 pages cover: a quick overview of Laws, Directives and Standards; Risk Assessment; Safe Design; Protective Measures – the Implementation of Safety Measures; Residual Risk; Overall Validation and Placing the Machine on the market. Appendices also include Operator Responsibility, Useful Links and a Glossary."

The Six Steps to a safe machine is also part of the practical package of information that attendees at the one-day Sick (UK) safety workshops come away with. The course introduces engineers to the two safety control standards, BS EN 13849 and BS EN 62061, and gives delegates a working understanding of their content and application. Worksheets with action cues will keep the overview of each standard within easy reach, and worked examples help make complicated issues digestible.

For a free copy of Six Steps to a Safe Machine and more information on the Sick safety systems and safety seminars, contact Ann Attridge () or Andrea Hornby () or telephone +44 (0)1727 831121.

You can also read the review of Six Steps to a Safe Machine at

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