Binder displays Kletten fasteners at fastening exhibition

23 October 2008

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Binder displays Kletten fasteners at fastening exhibitionBinder Fastener Systems (UK) was at the October 2008 Fastening & Assembly Solutions exhibitions to promote its Kletten range of fasteners. These included the Klettostar sew-on and self-adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners, Klettolastic elasticated hook-and-loop fastener, Duotec snap-action fastener (pictured), and the Microplast low-profile extruded fastener.

Compared with other similar types of fastener, the mushroom fasteners are said to withstand higher shear loads. Furthermore, the Duotec fastener, in which mushrooms engage with mushrooms, provides a reassuring tactile and audible 'click' so that installers know that the joint has been made successfully. If required, joints can be disassembled.

Where space is restricted, the Microplast fasteners use a similar principle to the mushroom-type fasteners, but in the form of a thin film with low-profile, flat-headed mushrooms. A Microduotec product is also available.

Note that Binder sells a range of standard products and also supplies customised products. A recently introduced service is rapid prototyping, which enables prototype and pre-production components to be supplied very quickly, as well as small-scale production batches. Specialist products can also be manufactured for use in, for example, high-temperature environments.

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