New energy-saving pneumatic products from SMC

08 June 2009

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SMC is launching a number of energy-saving products to help users of compressed air reduce energy costs. Sebastian Fabio Agnello, in charge of SMC's Energy Saving Programme development, says: "Almost 50 per cent of the whole European energy demand comes from industry, and over 20 per cent of Europe's total industrial electrical energy consumption is used to power compressed air systems. For this reason, SMC is investing in energy-saving research and development, to help reduce the economic and environmental impact of this power demand.

"A number of studies have confirmed that compressed air users in the UK are wasting millions of pounds in energy costs each year, due to inefficient and poorly maintained systems. In these challenging economic times, we strongly believe that energy saving is the way to help make our customers and their products more competitive. By reviewing the operational aspects of these systems and introducing Energy Saving Solutions on new systems specification, users can achieve costs savings of up to 50 per cent."

Following these findings, and with its ongoing commitment to research and development, SMC is now extending its energy-saving range of products. Several advanced monitoring and low-energy components - including pressure and flow switches, low-consumption solenoid valves, high-efficiency blow guns and nozzles, cylinders, vacuum pads and ejectors, as well as pressure boosters - are being introduced.

SMC has created a number of PC-based and printed calculation tools that instantly show the potential savings of individual components and complete air systems - including the return on any financial investment. For those compressed air users who require more assistance, SMC has also formed a number of specialist energy-saving teams who will undertake a range of various energy saving activities. These include audits at customers' manufacturing sites to provide documented recommendations to help achieve excellent energy efficiency.

For more information on SMC's Energy Saving Programme, products and services, go to SMC's dedicated Energy-Saving web site at or contact SMC free of charge on +44 (0)800 1382930.

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