See load cells, LVDTs and magnetostrictive sensors at Mtec 2010

27 April 2010

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RDP Electronics is exhibiting a broad range of products on its stand at Mtec 2010. These include load cells, LVDTs and magnetostrictive sensors.

With an extensive variety of load cells from which to choose, RDP offers customers products that can measure from very load loads up to 1000tons. Furthermore, these can be combined with LVDTs so that force and displacement can be measured simultaneously.

RDP also has a very wide range of LVDTs (linear variable differential transformers). A recent addition is tandem LVDTs for critical applications where dual redundancy is necessary. If required, the company can supply other specialised products, such as LVDTs designed for use in corrosive environments.

As well as its own products, RDP also sells the MTS magnetostrictive sensors, which offer highly accurate position measurement in hazardous areas.

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