Huco Dynatork's investment in CNC machines shortens lead times

02 September 2010

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Huco Dynatork has recently installed two more Hardinge Elite CNC lathes. These will take some of the work previously undertaken on Huco Dynatork's special-purpose machines that were designed in-house and used for the production of a variety of components.

Managing Director David Lockett comments: "The main benefit of the new Hardinge machines to Huco Dynatork is substantial savings in set-up time. Typical set-ups are now reduced from hours to minutes, with the longest taking up to 45 minutes instead of up to four hours."

This translates into a number of customer benefits,as Lockett explains: "The machines give us much more production flexibility, so we are able to undertake smaller batch work and, of course, it will allow us to tighten up lead times. So, in short, this investment will enable Huco Dynatork to deliver even better customer service.

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