Midlands Design and Manufacturing 2011 show preview

18 February 2011

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Midlands Design and Manufacturing 2011 show previewMidlands Design and Manufacturing 2011, which takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, on 6/7 April 2011, is a new annual trade exhibition devoted to engineering and manufacturing in the Midlands. Exhibitors will be presenting products, systems and services in the fields of automation equipment, vision systems, subcontract manufacturing services, CNC and EDM machining centres, leak testing equipment, vacuum technologies and electronic components. The event will include a free presentation theatre where visitors can hear leading speakers from industry. Companies with stands at MDM 2011 include those listed below. A full listing is available via the MDM website.

Alrad Imaging

Alrad Imaging will be displaying machine vision and industrial imaging cameras, frame grabbers, lighting and lasers. Included will be the latest linescan cameras from e2v, such as the AViiVA EM4 that is claimed to set new standards for line scan cameras in term of speed and image quality. With resolutions of up to 4096 pixels, and the design of new CCD image sensors, it delivers state-of-the-art performance.

Also on display will be some of a wide range of frame grabbers and intelligent cameras from Matrix Vision. The recently introduced mvBlueFOX-MLC module is a fully featured compact single-board camera for space- and cost-sensitive OEM applications. A superior image quality in combination with a very high frame rate makes the camera suitable for embedded applications. The driver in combination with the FPGA reduces the PC load to a minimum.

Recently launched digital industrial cameras from Sentech America include the Sentech STC-GE/GEC colour and monochrome cameras. These offer a digital GigE output and are available in two configurations, Standard and Power Plus, the latter incorporating Xilinx or Altera based user FPGA.

Coherent's world-renowned Lasiris SNF laser transforms the familiar laser dot into a wide range of structured light patterns including single and multiple laser lines with uniformity down to +/-15 per cent. Straight laser lines are projected by allowing one dimension of light to fan out while maintaining tight control over the other.


Bronkhorst will exhibit several new technology developments for mass flow and pressure control. New Coriolis sensors and updated software are being released. Measurement ranges commence in the thousands of kilograms per hour and now extend down to full-scale ranges of less than one gram per hour. The further enhanced Cori-Fill technology adds yet more features to the direct control of valves and pumps for dosing, filling and batching of fluids.

The company's third-generation digital PC Board is being rolled out across its full range of thermal mass flow and pressure instruments for both gases and liquids. Response times can now be measured in tens of milliseconds, further process variables can be accessed via additional output signals, and additional bus protocols are now available.


Byrnemech provides a complete concept-to-component service for sheet metal, including design, manufacture, paint, print, assembly, delivery and support. The company has invested heavily in the latest robotic technology to complement its low cost base and re-engineering capabilities. Find out more on Byrnemech's stand at MDM.

Delta Line

Delta Line will be displaying a wide variety of products for use as either single motion products within an application or as complete motion systems. Products include: DC and BLDC motors; disc magnet, hybrid or tin can stepper motors; spur gear, planetary and customised gearboxes; linear actuators; encoders; and intelligent drives for DC, BLDC or stepper motors.

The company recently launched its new range of Hall-effect sensored BLDC motors. These have already proven to be a success due to a number of key factors. Output torques range from 7mNm to 1.8Nm, depending on frame size (range includes frame sizes 22mm, 28mm, 33mm, 36mm, 42mm, 57mm and 86mm) and speeds of up to 8000rpm. Delta Line also has a range of spur/planetary gearboxes and feedback devices that can be easily assembled to the motors.

European Powder Metallurgy Association

The European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) will be promoting the advantages of using components made by the powder metal process. The stand will feature components and products made from powder metal, including the recent 2010 EPMA Awards for Excellence winners in the Components Category. The products will emphasise the adaptability of powder metallurgy, from locking devices for spectacles, made by metal injection moulding (MIM), through to sprockets and rotors made using aluminium powders.

In addition to the Powder Metallurgy (PM) parts on display, the EPMA will be showcasing the benefits of choosing PM, not only as it is a low-energy and low-waste production method, but also due to the high complexity and volume of parts that can be manufactured. Visitors to the stand can collect copies of the following literature: Introduction to Powder Metallurgy, Metal Injection Moulding and Hot Isostatic Pressing.

EPMA staff will be on hand to discuss any questions surrounding powder metallurgy products and suppliers.


One of the main attractions on the HepcoMotion stand is the recently introduced Precision Ring Track PRT2. This comprises ring slides, ring segments, bearings and ancillary components for rotary and track system applications.

Also on show, the MCS aluminium framework system accommodates any combination of the company's linear motion products. HepcoMotion also has many standard designs to suit a variety of applications, from fully automated pick-and-place systems to manual assembly. And, as part of the its one-stop shop philosophy, complete actuator motion control packages can be supplied via HepcoMotion's partnership with SmartDrive, a leading UK supplier of drives and controls.


Igus UK will show new additions to its maintenance-free polymer bearing ranges, which include iglidur plain bearings, igubal spherical bearings and DryLin linear bearings. In addition, examples of E-Chain cable carriers and Chainflex continuous-flex cables will be on show.

Other products on display include the DryLin WJRM hybrid linear bearing that both rolls and slides, and the iglidur PRT slewing ring bearing systems that use two self-lubricating, low-friction polymer sliding elements in place of conventional ball bearings.

On display for the first time is an innovative mechanism that allows quick positional adjustment of the slide on a trapezoidal lead screw drive. The DryLin Fast Forward mechanism saves time when adjusting machine settings, particularly in applications that involve long lead screws. The location of the linear slide can be positioned precisely on the trapezoidal thread using the conventional hand wheel adjustment mechanism; the Fast Forward function, on the other hand, releases the slide from the thread to enable it to be slid quickly to a new 'approximate' position by hand first, followed by more precise positioning with the hand wheel.

An innovative compact energy chain system, the TwisterBand TB20 guides energy, data and other media safely through 3000 degrees at high rotational speeds with little wear.

Also on display for the first time in the UK is Guidelok, a horizontal guiding system for use where unsupported travels of up to 50m are required and metal chip debris makes a gliding system difficult. Guided in a lightweight aluminium trough, the energy chain radius passes through Guidelok - a spring-loaded roller support bracket that moves away from the moving radius to provide smooth movement. The roller bracket then springs back out behind the radius to support the upper energy chain run. Thanks to this design, no debris can settle between the sliding surfaces of the upper run and lower run of the energy chain, and the open guide trough prevents a build-up of swarf or chips.

For designers and specifiers looking for cables and cabling systems, igus will be demonstrating its new Chainflex Cables Product Finder and Life Calculator, as well as the innovative QuickPin programme for custom connectorised cabling.


Misumi will be displaying examples from its comprehensive range, including steel shafts for linear movement, rotary shafts, hinge pins and pivot pins, connection components, straight and crowned rollers, rack gears, washers and collars, rubber and urethane bumpers and plates, XY stages, linear units, trapezoidal screw drives, screw thread units, fixed and floating bearing housings, spindle nuts, digital positioning indicators, levers, handwheels, handles, knobs, stopping bolts, clamping screws, G manifolds, Vi guide systems, blind joints (for aluminium profiles), air grippers, PEEK plastic screws, and spring and indexing plungers.

Stemmer Imaging

Stemmer Imaging will be showing an impressive range of industrial vision cameras. This will include the latest multi- and single-point inspection systems from Dalsa and the CVS Image Station Compact EOS-1000 featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Dalsa's single point inspection systems will include the HD version of the BOA intelligent cameras, which are robust, fully integrated intelligent vision systems designed for harsh-environment, industrial applications. For multi-point inspection, GEVA is a powerful industrial controller that provides expandable GigE Vision camera interfaces for applications requiring powerful processing, high resolution or multiple cameras. It will be shown with DALSA's M640 VGA resolution GigE Vision camera.

Stemmer's CVS Image Station Compact EOS-1000 is an embedded computer system for industrial imaging applications that combines high-performance computing capability with four individual Gigabit Ethernet camera ports, each featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. The EOS-1000 is housed in a compact, robust housing that is designed to withstand vibrations up to 5 'g' and is suitable for industrial automation applications including 3D vision robotic guidance. Outstanding computing power for imaging applications is provided by the embedded Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, with independent dual data storage support for Compact flash memory or an optional HDD.

MDM show information

Follow the link to see a full list of exhibitors at Midlands Design and Manufacturing and the co-located shows Mtec Sensors, measurement & Instrumentation, Medtec (medical device design and manufacturing) and 3C (Contamination Control and Cleanroom Products). You can also find out about the free seminars and register for free tickets.

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