Five Critical Factors for Selecting Fieldbus Valve Manifolds

11 May 2011

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ASCO Numatics has published a new White Paper, Five Critical Factors For Selecting Fieldbus Valve Manifolds, which provide guidance for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users in the selection of the optimum manifold for a given application.

Enrico De Carolis, the director of technology development at Numatics Inc and author of the White Paper, states: "Fieldbus valve manifolds find wide utility in packaging, automotive/tyre, and material handling applications, as well as in the pharmaceutical, chemical, water and wastewater industries."

In the white paper, De Carolis presents the five crucial factors that controls engineers, specifiers and buyers should consider before selecting pneumatic fieldbus valve manifolds: commissioning, distribution, modularity, diagnostics and recovery. he also outlines the shortcomings of conventional approaches.

De Carolis also discusses new designs that offer substantial improvements in the application, performance and maintenance of valve manifolds from perspective of machine builders and end users.

According to De Carolis, "Fieldbus valve manifolds more easily perform vital functions by integrating communication interfaces to pneumatic valve manifolds with input/output (I/O) capabilities. This allows programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to more efficiently turn valves on and off and to channel I/O data from sensors, lights, relays, individual valves or other I/O devices via various industrial networks. The resulting integrated control packages can also be optimised to allow diagnostic benefits not previously available."

Follow the link to download the new White Paper, Five Critical Factors For Selecting Fieldbus Valve Manifolds (380kB PDF).

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