Drive and motor innovations from Parker at SPS/IPC/Drives

23 September 2011

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Drive and motor innovations from Parker at SPS/IPC/DrivesAt this year's SPS/IPC/Drives show in Nuremburg, Germany, Parker Hannifin will unveil three new additions to its motion and drives ranges: the AC30V pump and fan drive, AC890PX-M high-power modular drive and Motornet DC integrated servo motor and controller. The new products offer machine builders, system integrators and OEMs a wide choice of options, thereby helping to extend the performance, functionality and productivity of machine systems still further.

Leading the addition to the drives range will be the entirely new AC30V AC variable-speed drive that is designed to meet the demands of industrial pump, fan and general-purpose applications. The AC30V is the first of a new generation of drives that will be expanded to include variants for complex process and specialised applications.

AC30V drives will initially be available in sizes up to 18.5kW and will feature an all-new modular design, including numerous field-fittable I/O and fieldbus communications options, together with a new backlit LCD graphical keypad. Initial products will be available for IP20 backplate or through-panel mounting. Coldplate mount, IP55 and extended power ranges up to 110kW will be introduced in the future.

Extending Parker's capabilities in high-power drives is the modular AC890PX-M Systems Drive. Building on the established AC890PX, the –M variant is supplied in a modular kit form that enables systems integrators and OEMs to build larger power drives in-house. AC890PX-M drives are available in power ranges from 110kW and can ultimately be used to create systems up to 2MW with the addition of Parker's innovative advanced refrigerant cooling option.

Parker's Electromechanical motion range has seen a number of new innovations over the last 12 months, most notable of which was the high-force electro thrust (ETH) cylinder launched at last year's exhibition. Also shown last year in a pre-production form was the MDC Motornet DC servo motor with integrated controller, which returns to SPS to mark its official commercial launch.

Designed for decentralised applications, such as capping and filling machines or rotary tables, MDC units integrates EtherCAT-enabled control electronics in a compact IP64 brushless servomotor for rated torques ranging from 0.9 to 7.5Nm.

Another first for Parker at SPS will be the demonstration of its advanced engineering capability to produce custom motors. Various examples will be shown to highlight how Parker works in partnership with its customers to design and engineer unique motors that offer a distinct competitive advantage.

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