NI Embedded Systems Outlook report outlines market trends

28 February 2012

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National Instruments is releasing its 2012 Embedded Systems Outlook report, which shares the company's conclusions about the direction of the embedded systems market. The report lists technology and business-level trends that impact the development of next-generation embedded systems. Companies can take advantage of this information in a wide variety of demanding embedded control and monitoring applications within industries such as industrial control, energy, life sciences and transportation.

With insight from the report, engineers and managers can strategically implement best practices for developing and maintaining innovative embedded systems. The 2012 report discusses the following major trends:

  • Embedded Platforms: Technology providers are helping design teams build complex embedded systems faster by developing platforms that combine hardware with an integrated software framework
  • Reconfigurable Computing: Advanced embedded control and monitoring systems are driving an increase in designs that make the most of programmable logic
  • Mobile Devices and the Cloud: Design teams are taking advantage of the proliferation of new mobile devices and cloud technologies within next-generation embedded systems
  • Innovating With Smaller Teams: Smaller design teams around the world are creating a more efficient way for companies to bring disruptive innovations to market
  • Future-Proofing Through Software: With the ever-changing requirements and standards for embedded systems, design teams are adopting a 'software first' mindset for upgrading products over time

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National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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