Henkel features bactericide-free cutting fluid at MACH 2012

07 February 2012

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At MACH 2012, Henkel are showcasing Multan, a comprehensive range of cutting fluids and stamping and drawing fluids. Also featured are Bonderite pre-treatment technology, Loctite high-performance engineering adhesives, sealants & cleaners and Teroson advanced flexible bonding and sealing solutions - all well-regarded Henkel brand names in the production engineering sector.

Bacterial contamination is a natural biological process in the life of a cutting fluid. However, not only does this process cause bad odour but ultimately results in the emulsion splitting and becoming unusable. Historically there have been two ways of avoiding these problems.

The first option is to add bactericides to conventional fluids when the bacterial growth exceeded a given level. But the problem here is the resultant, dead micro-organisms effectively feed the new generation of bacteria so remedial action has to be repeated at ever shorter intervals. The second option is to use fluids that contain bactericides which permanently suppress bacterial growth.

In both cases, the use of bactericides has to be viewed critically. Exposure to bacteria or bactericides represents a potential health hazard for employees, who may develop skin irritations or increased sensitisation after contact with them. Frequent changing of emulsions that have split is not only very costly but also puts an additional burden on the environment.

At MACH 2012 Henkel will be focusing on its sustainable solution to this cutting fluid problem with the patented emulsifier technology of its Multan 71-2 fluid, formulated for a range of machining applications. A product of intensive development work, Multan 71-2 is a microbiologically robust cutting fluid that contains no bactericides (such as formaldehyde splitters). Nor does it need any later addition of bactericides to keep it stable.

The Henkel product programme extends across the entire production chain. More than 3000 product variants provide an exceptional choice so that the optimal result can be achieved. Henkel commits significant resources to providing high-level technical support from product selection, through process simulation, production line design engineering and testing. Show visitors are therefore invited to meet Henkel engineers at MACH 2012 to discuss their specific needs.

Visit Henkel at stand 5249a at MACH 2012, 16–20 April. To find out more about the Multan range of cutting fluids and stamping and drawing fluids, visit the website at

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