Regal makes an entrance to the UK market

19 April 2012

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Regal makes an entrance to the UK marketOne of the world’s largest and fastest-growing electric motor manufacturers has chosen this year’s Drives and Controls show for the UK unveiling of its new group structure and product portfolio. Regal Beloit is highlighting its local support, EU stock and modification facility, alongside an enhanced premium range of Rotor brand motors and the official UK launch of the Marathon motor range, one of the world’s most popular brands of electric motor – this, in addition to underlining all the competitive benefits of being part of a dynamic organisation with a global reach.

Regal Beloit UK is exhibiting on stand D1304 at the popular UK Drives & Controls show, held between the 17–19 April 2012 at the NEC Birmingham. The exhibition stand brings together a range of complementary motor brands, including Marathon Electric, Leeson, and Rotor nl, and highlights the organisation’s commitment to efficiency and responsible sourcing.

Lucie Hodkova, National Sales Manager for Regal Beloit UK, explains: “Our Regal Beloit and Marathon Electric brands are well known across America, while Rotor has a strong and loyal client base across the UK and Europe. Since the acquisition of Rotor UK by Regal Beloit in September 2010, we’ve obviously expanded both the range and scope of products on offer to our clients, we thought that the Drives and Controls show was the perfect opportunity to bring everything together for the first time and make an official announcement to the public.

“We’re also keen to demonstrate the reach of the group as a whole, and have set up our stand to represent each continent, showcasing our multiple facilities, offices and factories across the world. And it’s this depth and breadth which has allowed us to really demonstrate our green credentials, something that is becoming more and more important in today’s market.”

Unlike many of its competitors, the Regal Beloit group operates its own manufacturing base. Because they are not reliant on joint ventures or third parties, the company can ensure complete quality control and responsible sourcing of raw materials, and can also focus on increasing efficiency and reducing wastage across the entire route to market, from the production process through to distribution and final delivery.

Direct support for the UK market

Recent investment in the company’s Netherlands facility has seen Regal Beloit open the doors this year to what is believed to be the largest stock and motor modification facility in Europe, providing direct support and availability to the UK market. With the facility being just a few hours’ drive away from the UK, local UK stock is now being supported by a high level of motor availability. From fractional kilowatt motors to Megawatt machines, they can all be ordered and despatched for delivery same day, something which the company believes no other brand can achieve in the UK with the same ease and convenience, most asking a large price premium or several weeks’ delivery.

Based in Wellingborough, Regal Beloit UK brings together the Marathon Electric, Leeson, and Rotor nl brands, providing a range of single phase and three-phase motors including motors for unconventional or challenging environments such as ATEX explosion-proof motors, marine motors, and vibrator motors. The company also provides coolant pumps for machine tools, frequency inverters and worm gearboxes, as well as motor accessories, brakes, force ventilation units, encoders, and slide rails.

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