Find out how machine builders can offer clients more services

31 May 2012

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Find out how machine builders can offer clients more servicesMany machine builders today are either providing or considering providing their clients with a broader range of services, such as long-term or lifetime support contracts. Such companies will be interested in an event being organised by KT-Box, a collaboration of some of the UK's academic and industrial leaders in the field of complex service provision. Funded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) in addition to the University of Cambridge, the partners are Cranfield, Bath, Exeter, Warwick and Nottingham Universities.

The two-hour introductory event, which takes place on Monday 18 June 2012 at the Wellcome Conference Centre in London, will introduce the KT-Box service toolkit, which comprises a range of tools developed by some of the UK's leading universities to help companies address the challenges they must face to provide and use these services:

  • Improving organisations: introducing and improving services for customers through partnered working.
  • Using technology: making better use of health usage and monitoring systems to keep equipment in service.
  • Managing the risks: estimating the potential costs of long-term service contracts.
  • Understanding information: identifying what information is required and who is responsible for it.

KT-Box works with firms to apply new management and engineering tools to service operations. With some 40 tools, KT Box can support all aspects of service capability: identifying how value is created; managing assets, information and organisation; considering operating risks; and overall market context.

Who is this event for?

Anyone responsible for introducing new services or improving existing services in engineering, manufacturing, logistics or other areas involving organisations working in partnership.

Event details

  • When: Monday 18 June 2012, 17:00-19:00
  • Where: Wellcome Conference Centre, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE
  • Cost: Free
  • Register at:
  • More information: Chris Pearson, +44 (0)1223 764836 or email .
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