Pharma & biotech urged to put PAT into practice

03 October 2012

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The ‘Advances in Pharmaceutical Innovation for Improving Manufacturing Control’ conference running from 7–10 October 2012 at the Centro Convegni Sant’Agostino, Cortona, Italy, is a significant international meeting of its type. Optimal will be explaining how they have overcome the technical challenges posed by the application of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, and will be urging delegate companies to consider an implementation strategy right now.

The dedicated aim of the conference is to focus delegates on Quality by Design, Process Optimisation, Continuous Manufacturing, Sustainability, Supply Chain Management and Regulatory Harmonisation within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and related Manufacturing Industries, or, in short the main drivers behind PAT implementation.

Optimal will be presenting synTQ V4.0 at the conference, a fully developed software platform that enables enterprise-level PAT implementation. With the release of synTQ V4.0, life science, chemical, food and cosmetics companies can now use one robust and proven software platform to develop, deploy and manage PAT from a research laboratory through to a global production network.

This conference is intended to benefit management teams within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries with in-depth discussions between managers, executives and leaders in the industry as well as internationally recognised research institutions. Involvement by the FDA and EMA is also expected to provide added opportunities for interaction regarding Regulatory Harmonisation.

The Programme is designed to bring together a range of participants, creating an invaluable opportunity to discuss global challenges, trends and solutions impacting pharmaceutical manufacturing and control. International representatives from government, industry, academia and other institutions will in attendance. The programme will focus on Regulatory Aspects, Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology PAT, Process Optimisation, and New Technology Leading to Improved Process Control.

Synchronous with the aims of the event, the launch from Optimal of synTQ V4.0 is a major update of PAT implementation management software from Optimal and has already been successfully deployed; as such, it brings the practical commercial application of PAT to the Cortona Pharmaceutical & Biotech conference.

There will be a chance to meet Optimal representatives at the conference and in the exhibition area. For up-to-date details on the programme, visit For further information about the synTQ V4.0 PAT Data Management software package from Optimal, go to

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