Loctite instant adhesives at Southern Manufacturing 2013

22 November 2012

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Loctite instant adhesives at Southern Manufacturing 2013Henkel’s stand M25 at Southern manufacturing 2013, Farnborough, will show how Loctite products can benefit the entire value chain. Whether the task is in system building, assembly or repair, Loctite engineering adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products improve performance and cut costs.

Specifically, however, Henkel will demonstrate the impact Loctite adhesives can have on the speedy and cost-effective development of customers’ new products. It is a process for which Loctite Macromelt hotmelt adhesives are already proving particularly popular.

Loctite’s Macromelt range is suitable for creating sealed and trouble-free electronics assemblies. These adhesives have very short setting times so there is no need for clamps or fixtures and they can be used on a variety of substrates including difficult-to-bond plastics. Crucially they only require low pressure to create the overmould.

The ability to seal delicate components is a clear benefit of this low-pressure process, but of even more significance is the impact the technique has on associated development costs. Over-moulding is accomplished with a low-cost mould, making prototyping and small batch production both fast and highly economical. When combined with Henkel’s technical advice, this technology has much to offer OEMs keen to develop new designs.

Another new time-saving product that will feature on the Henkel stand is Loctite 3090. This product is suitable for fast fixturing and can also fill gaps. It cures through volume and will not run out of the joint in the absence of perfect face-to-face contact or if there are any surface imperfections.

The product provides instant adhesion between most materials including porous substrates such as wood, paper, leather, cork and fabric. The gel consistency of the two-part Loctite 3090 enables it to be easily worked into an area for maximum stress distribution. It can also be used to encapsulate a delicate component or part; once it has hardened it can be machined and polished.

Loctite 3090 is one of several instant adhesive developments that will be showcased at Southern Manufacturing 2013. Also featured will be three new ‘instant’ additions to the Henkel Health and Safety range. The company is the only manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of non-hazardous engineering adhesives that cover the majority of applications.

Whilst most instant adhesives can withstand a maximum temperature of 80degC, Henkel can now also supply variants suitable for temperatures up to 120degC. This makes them suitable for use in the manufacture of products such as electric motors, generators, loudspeakers, white goods and lighting equipment.

For further information about Loctite engineering adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products, go to the website at or visit the company at stand M25 at Southern manufacturing 2013.

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