UK launch of an innovative continuous motion system

30 November 2012

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UK launch of an innovative continuous motion systemThe new HepcoMotion PRT2 “1-Trak” continuous motion system gives designers complete freedom in 2D bearing track design. It allows every conceivable configuration to be realised, far exceeding the scope of traditional technology that is limited to simple combinations of straight lines and curves. Indeed, with this new addition to the PRT2 family industry has a wide choice of HepcoMotion products from which to create cost-efficient, space-saving and highly reliable automation.

HepcoMotion’s “1-Trak” system is manufactured from a single piece of material, and provides exceptional strength and accuracy. Resultant systems are seamless and free running, with no possibility of misalignment during installation or in service. Smoother, quieter motion is also achieved.

In addition to facilitating a high degree of flexibility in track configuration, the three-bearing geometry, combined with the track shape, ensures that the carriages exhibit zero play. HepcoMotion “1-Trak” circuits can therefore accommodate much tighter bends than is possible with other systems. This saves space and costs, allowing production layout to be optimised and more processes to be automated effectively.

Circular and continuous motion is a field in which HepcoMotion is renowned. Development of both manufacturing techniques and continued investment in new technology enables the company to provide industry with flexibility in system design for applications ranging from light commercial through to heavy duty.

The overall HepcoMotion Precision Ring Track PRT2 system, of which “1-Trak” is part, is a key element in the company’s product programme. It is a second-generation continuous motion system that provides a wide choice of components, sizes and options.

One of the benefits of PRT2 is its ability to provide circular motion control at the periphery, where it is needed. This also leaves a large hollow centre to accommodate other components and services, providing a much more compact design. In common with all HepcoMotion systems, PRT2 includes stainless steel and corrosion-resistant products as standard elements.

The application scope of the friction-free and debris-tolerant HepcoMotion PRT2 system spans all industry sectors. Many elements are available ex-stock, either in component form or within an assembly or turnkey system manufactured and tested by HepcoMotion.

To find out more about the PRT2 “1-Trak” continuous motion system , visit HepcoMotion at Stand no. T36, Southern Manufacturing 2013, 13–14 February 2013, or go to the website at

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