Mclennan adds JVL Industri Elektronik A/S motion products

27 March 2013

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Mclennan adds JVL Industri Elektronik A/S motion productsMclennan Servo Supplies has agreed a UK distribution partnership with JVL Industri Elektronik A/S. Mclennan will provide sales and support across JVL’s wide range of feature-rich motion control products.

Whilst JVL are prominently known for high-performance integrated AC servo and stepper motors, its comprehensive range also includes standalone AC and DC servo controllers, AC, DC and stepper motor drives as well as HMIs, sophisticated motion software and mechanical transmission components such as gear units, motor brakes and actuators. In short, JVL can provide complete motion sub-systems from a wide range of standard components or can supply customised systems. Combining the JVL range with Mclennan’s in-house design and manufacturing assembly capability will pave the way for exciting opportunities for both companies for the integrated mechatronics assemblies that the Hampshire-based motion provider specialises in.

JVL’s MAC motor range is a complete and very compact single-axis motion option as a brushless servo motor with built-in encoder feedback and integrated drive and controller. Entry-level units may be controlled from analogue or step/direction signals with RS232 and RS 485 for set-up and monitoring. A wide choice of plug-in expansion modules adapts the integrated motor exactly to customer requirements. Modules include programmable PLCs and Bluetooth wireless communication along with a wide choice of Ethernet-based field busses.

Through the range continuous torque output is available from 0.11Nm up to 9.5Nm with a generous 3× overload. Power ratings range from 50W to 3kW. The units are also available in various protection ratings including 1P55 and 65, with a stainless steel IP67 version aimed at demanding environment applications for food and medical industries.

Axis safety

Virtually all of the Industrial Ethernet fieldbus variants are available. POWERLINK and EtherCAT modules offer high-speed performance that allows tightly synchronised multi-axis motion. Both DC supplied and direct-on-line AC supplied variants are covered with dual voltage supply versions that allow position and parameters to be maintained after emergency stop. Motor brakes can also be fitted for added axis safety.

Complementing the range for set-up, monitoring and diagnostics, JVL’s MacTalk software provides a convenient set of tools to test and adjust motion systems. ActiveX controls are also provided for straightforward application development with Visual Basic, C++ .Net and more.

JVL’s integrated MAC motors require much reduced system cabling and reduced labour for integration and commissioning – with additional cable material cost savings as there is less wiring to the machine control panel. Further benefits include lower EMC switching noise due to commutation being contained in the motor, and a novel 6th order digital filter requires less tuning effort through a single parameter adjustment. With JVL’s attention to quality and performance, these characteristics combine for overall cost savings when compared with multi-component-based motion systems.

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