Type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack passes environment tests

25 April 2013

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Type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack passes environment testsPentair is announcing that its Schroff type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack, which offers a usable installation space of 84 HP and can be mounted in any 19” cabinet, has passed all environmental tests for use in particularly harsh operating environments. All test results and videos are available online at

For security and defence applications, shock and vibration resistance has been confirmed to the levels required for MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-901. Tested according to IEC 61587-1 DL2 conditions, the shock and vibration resistance of the Schroff type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack is proven up to 10g and under IEC 61587-1 DL 3 it is proven up to 25g. Equally important in these fields is enhanced EMC protection; here the type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack passed a test conforming to VG 95373 part 15 and interference immunity was certified in the frequency range from 30MHz to 2GHz.

The Schroff type R europacPRO subrack is supplied in one of two versions: either configurable from single components or as a complete kit with pre-mounted components such as threaded inserts, EMC gaskets, etc. All kits and components are available ex-stock. These subracks and components can also be designed individually to customer requirements or supplied fully assembled through the ServicePLUS option. For further information, please visit

The modular Schroff subracks are based on the europacPRO product platform and can be constructed for a wide range of static and dynamic loading requirements, e.g. shock and vibration resistance, and also for various levels of EMC protection. By using thicker side panels, reinforced horizontal rails and 19” brackets and corner profiles, the type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack is designed for particularly high loading conditions.

Within the type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack, components are secured in place with stainless steel bolts treated with a thread-locking compound that prevents them from working loose, especially under high-vibration loading conditions. Ensuring higher resistance to shock and vibrations, the side panels and 19” brackets are tox-cold welded. In addition, since the 19” brackets are some three times deeper than those of other europacPRO versions, a considerably larger degree of covering with the side panel is achieved. This results in considerably more tox-cold welding points and hence substantially increased stiffness for each side panel.

To improve stability, Pentair has used specially developed horizontal rails that are 15mm deeper than those of other europacPRO versions and feature three-hole fixing points; this improves stiffness by more than 65 per cent in comparison to standard rails with two-hole mounting.

All standard horizontal rails from the Schroff accessories range can be used for applications in these harsh environments. If required, the guide rails can be additionally bolted to the horizontal rail. In addition, there are also guides to accept Card-Loks, Wedge-Loks or clamshells. Specially-designed rugged front handles are also available. To secure and further stiffen the cover plate, a locking mechanism – patent pending – has been developed that is bolted to the horizontal rail and the cover plate in several places.

For more information about the Schroff type R europacPRO ruggedised subrack please go to

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