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07 May 2013

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Hannover Fair 2013 delivered both quantity and quality of visitors to the exhibition stand of Regal, one the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial electric motors.

Stand Manager, Mario Pistone says: “We were busy almost from the moment the show opened, and there was a definite buzz of excitement every day. We recorded well over 500 stand visitors with definite needs for our products and services.

“But more important was the quality of the enquiries, with people discussing imminent projects in detail. This shows that there is a drive to invest in motors and related systems across a whole range of industries.”

Regal has many different brands, including Marathon, Leeson Rotor, Durst, Elco, Fasco Motors, Genteq, Mastergear and Unico. Each of these is recognised as a major player in their field, and collectively they offer industrial, marine and specialist motors; AC and DC; low, medium and high voltage; high performance, high efficiency and an excellent size/power range.

Hannover is a major European industrial exhibition, filling over 20 display halls and attracting visitors and exhibitors from around the world. It is recognised as the place to view and discuss new technologies, automation and investments across a broad range of industrial sectors, from traditional heavy industries to biotech, automation and electronics. Many visitors use it to identify future business trends, such as emerging regions, resource and energy management, transportation, new technologies and new markets.

This year’s Hannover Fair took the theme of ‘Integrated Industry’, which particularly suited Regal’s wide range of products and expertise. Pistone again: “We are increasingly being asked to help affect technology transfer from one sector to another. For instance, almost all industries and all regions are focussed on improving energy efficiency and environmental performance. Lessons learned in, say, materials handling technology are likely to be equally valuable in marine engineering, food processing and medical appliances.”

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