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08 September 2013

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At Drinktec 2013, Danfoss will introduce a gearbox extension to its VLT FlexConcept. The option is simply plugged in and increases the available torque of the VLT OneGearDrive to 1000Nm, which, for example, is suitable for specific haulage applications. The ISD 500 Series servo drives, which are specifically designed for applications in the food, beverage and packaging industries, will also be presented.

For conveying applications with a high loading capacity and the resulting high torque requirement, the VLT OGD ExtensionBox, an extension module for the VLT OneGearDrive, is now available. Thanks to this transmission product, the drive can be expanded by a simple connection to a significantly higher torque. With this adaption, the number of motor variants remains: all of the advantages for users of the VLT OneGearDrive, such as less spare parts storage and lower costs from the omission of conversions, are preserved.

The ExtensionBox provides an addition for applications where high torques occur, such as very long conveyor belts, large collection tables in filling plants or the merging of bottle conveying systems. Although the VLT OneGearDrive, with its efficient PM motor, already offers a high torque, an intelligent option was needed for these extreme applications. To achieve this, Danfoss developed the VLT ExtensionBox. The gearbox can be attached to the OGD very easily with a torque arm and it has a transformation ratio of 3:1. The system is described as practically maintenance free, because it is oil-free and the torque is transferred by a Kevlar toothed belt, thereby avoiding the well-known disadvantages of gear stages. This way, the VLT OneGearDrive covers a much larger application range than before.

Thus, the VLT OneGearDrive can serve even more applications in the future. Thanks to its energy-efficient and optimally adapted components, the number of possible applications for the VLT FlexConcept within systems is also increased.

The VLT OneGearDrive with ExtensionBox increases the range of applications of the VLT FlexConcept, which was introduced for hauliers and plants in the beverage industry. The system, comprising a frequency converter, drive and now the ExtensionBox, covers the entire application range for hauliers in the beverage industry. The completely smooth system design of all the components used is suited for these applications and simplifies cleaning. In addition to the standard version, there are also special versions with hygienic coatings, which fulfil EHEDG requirements.

ISD 500 Series servo drives

The VLT Integrated Servo Drive ISD 510 has a nominal torque of 1.7–15Nm and is equipped with the Ethernet-based communication ports, EtherCAT and POWERLINK. The ISD 510 drives are powered by a cabinet-mounted Servo Access Box (SAB), which generates the 600V DC supply voltage and guarantees high power density. The SAB has the proven quality of Danfoss frequency converters and boasts a 7.5kW power rating.

In addition, the SAB is equipped with the well-known Local Control Panel (LCP). The LCP provides fast commissioning, diagnosis and support if service is necessary, and it can also be directly connected to the individual ISD 510 drives for these purposes. Depending on the application, two separate output lines can supply up to 32 drives each, for a maximum of 64 drives per SAB. This reduction to a single device in the cabinet significantly reduces the space requirement.

A master encoder can also be connected directly to the box. As with the previous ISD 410 system, the first drive in the ISD 510 chain is controlled by the SAB with the help of a hybrid feed cable. This cable carries the 600V DC supply voltage, 24V DC and the drive bus. The signals are looped from one motor to the next in a daisy-chain configuration. This eliminates the need for separate feedback cables or additional connection boxes. The initial versions of the drives are equipped with Safe Torque Off (STO); implementation of functional safety is in the preparatory stage.

For engineering tasks, Danfoss utilises the IEC 61131-3 programming standard to provide an open system with extensive function libraries for cams discs, synchronisation and motion functions. These high-precision servo drives are especially suited to applications in the food, beverage and packaging industry, as well as many other areas.

The ISD 510 servo drives are based on permanent-magnet synchronous motors, with the motor and electronics housed in a single enclosure. The drives conform to class 3M7 vibration protection and are built to IP67 enclosure rating, including IP65 for the shaft seal. The drives are available with a choice of four flange sizes. Alternatively, custom flanges are also possible, depending on the application.

Users can choose from resolvers, single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoders for drive feedback. The motors are optionally available with a magnetic holding brake. This allows the position to be held in the event of a power failure, for example in blow-moulding applications, to prevent damage to the mechanics from a falling extension rod. Three connectors are also available on the drive. If desired, the user can use them to connect an external encoder for high-precision positioning applications, to connect external inputs or outputs directly to the drive via the Ethernet port, or to connect the LCP for commissioning or diagnostics.

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