igus dry-tech sample box aids bearing selection process

29 October 2013

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igus dry-tech sample box aids bearing selection processigus UK is offering machine builders and product designers a dry-tech box containing samples of its plain bearings to help in identifying the right bearing for a given application. A set of card overlays is used to filter the material selection according to different criteria – similar to the igus online configurator.

The dry-tech sample box includes a complete array of iglidur bearings, ranging from the iglidur H series, which is suitable for applications in corrosive environments, to the blue-coloured iglidur A350 bearings, which can withstand temperatures of up to 180degC and are well suited to applications in the food industry.

Also in the box is a user-friendly bearing guide that highlights the key properties of each bearing, making the search for the right bearing even simpler.

All igus bearings have dry-running properties, so they are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, cost-effective and long-lasting. Fully lab tested in terms of durability, friction properties and stability, these plastic products are the technological core of the igus range.

Follow the links to watch a short video clip about the igus dry-tech box or to order a dry-tech box.

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