New Trio Motion brochure: Robotics on MC4xx Motion Coordinators

16 January 2014

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Trio Motion is introducing a new 4-page brochure that highlights the powerful yet simple-to-implement programming capabilities available for robotic and kinematic transformations across its advanced MC4 series and Euro series Motion Coordinators. Simply titled Robotics on MC4xx Motion Coordinators, the brochure outlines the different types of robots in common use and how its multi-tasking TrioBASIC and optional IEC61131-3 languages allow transformations for 2 to 6 degrees of freedom with simplified X,Y,Z and angular position references – for even the most complex multi-axis mechanical systems.

Available in print or downloadable PDF, from, the brochure covers Cartesian with wrist, linear parallel and X-Y single belt transformations and moves on to more complex types of robot including Parallel 2-Arm, Delta 3-Arm, Wire Positioning, 6 Axis Anthropomorphic and SCARA geometries. Up to eight robots per controller may be programmed using standard motion commands with up to 32 different tools offsets and 32 defined coordinate systems. A brief description of supported features that allow interaction of the transformation commands with multiple end effectors, different coordinate systems, vision systems, conveyor synchronisation and teach systems is also included.

Please go to for further information about the 4-page brochure Robotics on MC4xx Motion Coordinators.

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