Online technical data sheets available for chainflex cables

10 March 2014

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Online technical data sheets available for chainflex cablesigus is now offering technical data sheets for over 1100 chainflex cables. The data sheets, which are available online at, provide cable specifiers with detailed information, including cable cross-section drawings.

igus director, Justin Leonard explains: “The cross-section cable drawings provide designers with a unique opportunity to gain a detailed view of the position of the individual cores within the overall stranded structure, and optimally assign connectors’ PIN configurations. The overview provides a precise description of the various jacket materials used for igus cables with their full resistance information, which makes choosing the right cable even easier.”

Detailed usage parameters, such as the ambient conditions, and travel or bending radius, help design the system as a whole and therefore, extend the service life of the individual systems and machines.

The lifespan of igus’ cables are guaranteed for millions of cycles but typically last much longer. This is established by the rigorous tests that all igus products go through. The tests consist of millions of cycles in real life applications, as well as tests within the igus laboratory.

Leonard adds: “These tests reassure engineers, machine builders and OEMs that igus cables will improve the performance and reliability of their equipment. This is backed-up by the large number of customers that report that igus cables ‘just don’t wear out!’”

For more information, please visit the website at, or go to to access the chainflex technical data sheets.

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