Stemmer Imaging and Vision Handbook for mobile devices

12 March 2014

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Stemmer Imaging and Vision Handbook for mobile devicesStemmer Imaging has released an e-book version of its latest Imaging and Vision Handbook for mobile devices. This popular in-depth publication has become firmly established with users as a valuable reference source for the technical fundamentals in all areas of imaging and machine vision. The e-book is currently available in English and German for all current Apple devices via the Apple iBookstore; versions for Android and Windows devices are due for release in the coming months.

Featuring the full 450 pages from the printed version, the e-version of the handbook is fully searchable and the selection guides are interactive, providing quick access to the relevant data. The easy browsing and zooming of all contents that is familiar to tablet users, together with a number of other features, makes this useful document very intuitive.

Just like the printed version of the handbook, one-third of the e-version provides detailed explanations of the different basic technologies related to illumination, lenses, cameras, image acquisition, software, cabling and systems as well as the functionality of important accessories. Numerous graphics illustrate the technical descriptions, helping to make the Stemmer Imaging and Vision Handbook an indispensable reference guide for all users of this technology.

Clearly arranged tables help readers to select the best components for a particular application. In the product section, readers are given comprehensive technical data to facilitate their choices. In addition, the experienced experts at Stemmer Imaging can be contacted to help with any further questions.

The electronic version of The Imaging and Vision Handbook is available for free download on mobile devices via the Apple iBookstore within the Stemmer Imaging sales area or from the QR code.

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