Certified NEMA motor modifications available from ABB EU Stock

01 May 2014

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Modifications to NEMA motors certified to CSA standards can now be undertaken by ABB at its European logistics centre in Germany for distribution across Europe. The motor build centre, dubbed the Mod Express line, carries out modifications to NEMA general purpose, severe duty and IEEE 841 severe duty motors held in stock. General purpose and IEEE severe duty motors are available with foot mount, C-face foot and C-face footless options and severe duty motors stocked with foot mounted options. The modifications available for these motors include installation of thermistors, thermal protection sensors, bearing upgrades, conduit box modifications, tropicalisation, customised paint finishes, nameplate modification and many other services.

All the modifications are undertaken by fully trained and accredited motor technicians and come with a certificate of compliance from the accredited ABB centre.

Robin Cowley, ABB’s Product Manager for NEMA motors explains: “With the addition of the Mod Express line to our Menden facility we can offer customers the most comprehensive NEMA motors stock and modifications service of any manufacturer, all in one place. Our customers can be confident that ABB supplies a range of NEMA motors for immediate delivery, and also modify those motors with the majority of typical options, in-house by our accredited specialists.”

ABB’s European logistics centre in Germany is fully equipped with a secure storage facility, access to fast-track air freight dispatch and now has an export packaging option through the Mod Express line, giving an all-in-one facility for immediate NEMA motor dispatch.

Cowley adds: “The ABB facility in Menden stands as the flagship of NEMA motor stock and customisation, with no other manufacturer able to match ABB’s range and modifications services. This makes ABB the only supplier able to deliver a customised NEMA motor from local stock with full accreditation to CSA anywhere in Europe.”

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ABB Automation Technologies (Drives and Motors)visit website
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