BOGE provides energy efficiency audits in line with ISO 11011

08 May 2014

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BOGE Compressors Limited has adopted ISO 11011 Standard for all Compressed Air Energy Efficiency Assessments. BOGE’s commitment to complying with this new standard will provide comprehensive and detailed energy audits, enabling compressed air users to optimise their energy usage and identify actions that can reduce costs.

Compressed air users will benefit significantly from the introduction of the ISO 11011 standard as it sets in place guidelines for companies to conduct industry-wide like for like energy efficiency audits. Energy audits establish the volume of compressed air that a company uses and how much it costs to generate. The audit results then enable businesses to look at the procedures that are available for reducing carbon emissions and waste in their manufacturing process, while improving environmental impact.

BOGE is committed to all aspects of waste reduction and energy efficiency and aims to support end users by providing comprehensive and regular energy audits in line with ISO 11011. The company evaluates all areas in the compressed air generation and treatment process to detect any present defects and recommends carrying out a number of important tests, including a consumption test, vibration control test, leakage test, sound test and an oil check.

Mark Whitmore, General Manager, BOGE Compressors UK, says: “We are delighted that Compressed Air Energy Auditing now has an ISO standard. As a company that strives for optimum performance and energy efficiency we are pleased that there is now a set of guidelines for the whole industry to commit to.”

The globally accepted ISO 11011 is designed to create a framework for the compressed air system energy efficiency assessment and auditing process. Previously, there has not been a framework or a formal standard, resulting in an absence of accurate information about the performance of compressed air applications in the engineering industry.

The new standard assesses compressed air use, critical production functions and poor system performance, which helps to identify and quantify energy waste, the difference between compressed air supply and demand, energy use and total compressed air demand.

BOGE has released a free white paper for the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of energy efficiency when using compressed air and the services that are available to reduce waste and costs. For further information about Boge’s Compressed Air Energy Efficiency Assessments please visit

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