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16 July 2014

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Henkel High Tech Adhesives and Coatings AcademyAt the beginning of June this year, Henkel hosted a Henkel High Tech Adhesives & Coatings Academy event at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The aim was to provide customers in the electronics industry and other industries with first-hand information on high-tech adhesion programmes for markets where smart engineering and technology makes the difference. As well as attending modular presentations and a product exhibition, customers also had an opportunity to talk in depth to the Henkel experts present.

As a world leader in the manufacture of adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel offers a comprehensive product and technology portfolio to facilitate provision of tailor-made customer products. Henkel wants not only to further develop existing customer systems but also to open up new applications and technological opportunities so as to both further strengthen its innovation and technological leadership and continue driving profitable growth.

Henkel experts from the General Industry and Electronics businesses thus hosted a “Henkel High Tech Adhesives & Coatings Academy” event at the beginning of June to present the company’s adhesives-related innovations aligned to current market trends. Existing and new customers as well as industrial partners from the Benelux region were invited to select their own modular program of presentations from the day’s agenda, which covered the following topics: electrically conductive adhesives for temperature sensitive components; lead-free solder materials for high-reliable applications; thermal interface materials for the heat management in handheld devices; optically clear adhesives for display applications; biocompatible adhesives for medical devices; and electro ceramic coating for the light metal surface treatment. There was also a product exhibition at which the over 100 attendees from the automotive, medical engineering and lighting industries had an opportunity to see Henkel’s innovations for themselves, and also to gain further insights in one-on-one talks with the Henkel experts responsible.

Eszter Marai, Marketing Manager for the Electronics business at Henkel says: “Direct customer contact is essential for us as a globally active company. And in order to meet up with customers from the Benelux region, we decided on Eindhoven’s ‘High Tech Campus’ as our venue, not least because the Campus is also the site where many of our customers have their R&D centres. Thanks to the modular agenda, the participants were able to structure their day as they desired, attending only those presentations of relevance to them. They also had plenty of opportunity to talk to the technology experts about the innovations on show.”

Surface treatment

Wijnand Florijn, Sales & Product Manager at Maan Engineering, Netherlands says: “We have been working with Henkel for some years now and are very satisfied with the electro ceramic coatings from Bonderite that we use in plasma coating for our medical engineering applications. Despite the short drying time, they are able to withstand even extreme conditions on virtually all surfaces and substrates. The event demonstrated once again how far advanced Henkel’s technologies are. We do not have much experience in the field of surface treatment, so the presentations today have provided me with plenty of new ideas for our business.”

Dr Driss Chabach, Manager for Material Development at IEE, Luxembourg agrees: “For over 20 years, we are using Henkel’s high conductive inks that have been developed and adjusted to our needs in terms of functionality and processing to produce our automotive sensing solutions. Thanks to our successful collaboration with Henkel, we generated new business opportunities, are able to quickly respond to customer demand and thus improved our customer satisfaction. At the event, I got valuable information about complementary fields such as the heat management in hand-held devices in which we will definitely continue this collaboration.”

Live webinars of presentations for the electronics industry

Interested professionals unable to personally attend the event are invited to log onto the website to watch live webinars in English on the following topics:

  • Electrically Conductive Adhesives for building reliable connections (5 September 2014)
  • Thermal Interface Materials – Novel solutions for power electronic and for heat management in handheld devices (19 September 2014)

Registered participants will also have an opportunity after each presentation to put their questions directly to the presenter, and relevant documentation will also be available for downloading.

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