BS EN ISO 12100 Risk Assessment Calculator - video walkthrough

01 February 2018

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Procter Machine Safety has produced a new video walkthrough of its updated free BS EN ISO 12100:2010 Machinery Risk Assessment Calculator to show easy it is to use, whether the machine in question is still being designed, part-built or complete, and whether it is a new machine or one that has been operating for some time.

Every new machine placed on the market in Europe must be CE marked to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and a crucial step in CE marking is a Risk Assessment in accordance with EN ISO 12100:2010 (BS EN ISO 12100:2010 in the UK). Risk assessments might also be required if machines are being modified or upgraded, and risk assessments are often necessary when purchasing machinery or examining existing machines of uncertain provenance. In all such cases, the Machinery Risk Assessment Calculator from Procter Machine Safety (previously known as Procter Machine Guarding) makes the process as simple as possible, with extensive checklists to ensure due consideration is given to all hazards, hazardous situations and hazardous events.

The Machinery Risk Assessment Calculator is based on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, though no prior knowledge of Excel is needed. As well as the extensive checklists, there are look-up tables to assist with completing the risk assessment process. Users simply enter information relating to the machine then, with reference to the look-up tables, choose appropriate values for:

  • Likelihood of Occurrence
  • Frequency of Exposure
  • Degree of Possible Harm
  • Number of Persons at Risk

A Hazard Rating Number (HRN) and Risk Level are calculated automatically for each identified hazard, with colour coding highlighting where further action should be considered. The video walkthrough demonstrates how hazards are assessed and, where appropriate, reassessed after risk reduction measures have been implemented.

Watch the video above and then follow this link to download the Machinery Risk Assessment Calculator free of charge.

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