Making linear module calculations easy

19 November 2014

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Making linear module calculations easyWhen it comes to choosing a drylin linear module driven by a leadscrew, the process can sometimes seem quite daunting, especially when specifying the maximum speed of the leadscrew or the torque that’s required for the motor. Linear motion specialist igus has simplified this process by developing a series of graphs, which are included in the ‘Drive Technology’ section of its catalogue.

There are two separate sets of graphs, for either horizontal or for vertical mounting, and in each graph the different leadscrew size options are colour coded.

The engineer can refer to the graphs to check whether the application fits within the boundaries of the graphs If the application is running vertically, for example, the engineer can check the axial load against the maximum feed speed, rotational speed, and the verify the drive torque.

To watch a short video explaining how these graphs can be used, please follow this link: To keep up to date with igus new online training centre platform, visit

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