New supplement for Elesa Catalogue

25 February 2015

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New supplement for Elesa CatalogueThe Elesa 151 catalogue has grown with the release of their 151.2 supplement, now taking their standard equipment parts range to more than 30,000 individual product codes. The 151.2 hard copy supplement is available free of charge on request from It contains a wealth of technical data and performance parameter information beautifully presented in over 600 pages of hard cover printed text and pictures.

New products with tables, graphs, drawings and photographs are described in groupings from handwheels to clamping knobs and levers, lift and pull handles to fixed and revolving handles, control elements such as knurled knobs and levers compliment rotary control indicators and indexing/positioning elements. Machine elements from grub screws to ball transfer units are described with detailed technical specifications, alongside levelling feet and enclosure hardware such as hinges and latches.

Elesa hydraulic accessories are suited to all types of hydraulically operated equipment including off-road machinery, while their castors, special handles and connecting clamps are likely to interest factory equipment users.

The new 151.2 supplement once again emphasises Elesa’s commitment to supply of high-quality machine components in plastic materials and technologies developed in-house, as well as high-quality proprietary materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Further information regarding Elesa products, along with the 151.2 supplement, may be found at

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