Small-bore tubing systems for harsh offshore environments

26 February 2015

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Small-bore tubing systems for harsh offshore environmentsAt OTC 2015, Parker will unveil new products for building tubing systems capable of meeting the immense challenges posed by higher pressures and corrosion mechanisms as oil and gas exploration and production moves into deeper offshore environments. The new technology will evolve the well-known ranges of small-bore tube fittings and valves from the Instrumentation Products Division of Parker Hannifin.

Engineers constructing tubing systems for high-pressure hydraulics, chemical injection systems and other higher-pressure topside and subsea offshore applications will be presented with new tube connection technology that provides easy-to-apply systems for pressures up to 15,000 or 20,000 PSI.

At pressures of 15,000 PSI and more, tubing failures can pose an enormous threat to asset integrity. Ensuring asset integrity is a critical element of the new tube connection designs. Parker’s engineering spans the spectrum of potential failure modes – from guarding against mechanical failures to combating corrosion mechanisms. The new connection technology is supported by Parker’s heritage of materials expertise, which provides users with high-quality materials and a wide choice of corrosion-resistant alloys to meet corrosion threats. Although metallurgy know-how is becoming quite common on the project teams run by operators and their engineering, procurement and construction contractors, Parker almost certainly has the broadest and deepest understanding of metallurgy in this market today – and will also help users with both expert advice and education.

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