Optimal’s New Systems Integration ‘PAT issue’ is out now

28 April 2015

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New Systems Integration, the latest magazine-style reference guide available from Optimal Industrial Automation Ltd, provides insight into a broad range of process analytical technology (PAT) subjects, predominantly from the pharmaceutical sector. Now into its third issue, New Systems Integration’s mix of case studies, industry news and helpful guidance make it a must read for those interested in all aspects of drug production and industrial automation.

In this PAT-specific issue, the many facets and recent trends of PAT are explored in detail through 12 content-rich pages. Readers can expect reports from the recent IFPAC Conference combined with all the key news from Optimal’s synTQ User Group meeting. Furthermore, real-life case studies concerning Optimal’s synTQ Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Knowledge Management software provide illustrations of the relevance and successes of the drive towards continuous manufacturing and achieving real time release.

Case studies include the strides made by researchers at the University of Puerto Rico in improving the drying process of pharmaceuticals and expert information on the practical implementation of Optimal’s synTQ software for production lines. Explanations of the benefits of PAT; updates on Optimal’s synTQ PAT software plus Optimal news complete this publication.

Fundamentally, the document aims to educate and inform both scientists and technicians based in the lab and process automation engineers looking at production on their plants regarding PAT – helping to ensure any implemented projects attain expected targets.

High-quality technical content provides the backbone for this, a result of Optimal’s 28 years of experience in providing automated production systems. New Systems Integration is designed to inform and enthuse with regard to the paradigm shift currently occurring within pharmaceutical production, a technological shift that Optimal is helping to facilitate not only with regards to the speed and volume product reaching the market, but informational infrastructure also.

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