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04 August 2015

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Parker Kittiwake expands distributor networkParker Kittiwake is appointing two new distributors in Germany and Greece. The agreements with Kloska Group and Technava SA increase the breadth and depth of Parker Kittiwake’s global footprint and underpin the company’s commitment to increasing awareness of the commercial potential of condition-based maintenance (CBM).

Although the benefits of CBM are increasingly recognised – indeed classification societies agree that CBM is best practice – period-based, ‘planned’ maintenance remains the more widely adopted industry approach. According to Lloyd’s Register, 60 per cent of all on-board mechanical failures are due to human intervention. Parker Kittiwake believes that applying condition-monitoring technology to quantify and qualify the condition of vital equipment, without human intervention, represents significant commercial potential for ship owners and operators. Its expanding marine distributor network will enable greater access to trained professionals who can provide detailed, application-specific information, impact on operational costs and predicted ROI.

Larry Rumbol, condition-monitoring market development manager, Parker Kittiwake explains: “In the same way blood tests and MRI scans identify human malfunction, oil and water analysis and scanning of mechanical components identifies machinery malfunction well before there is a critical failure or accelerated wear has occurred. By expanding our distributor network with industry stalwarts in key markets, we aim to provide more effective condition-monitoring consultation to the marine industry.”

For 23 years, Kittiwake has been designing, developing and manufacturing condition monitoring and test equipment for lube oil, hydraulic oil and fuels. Thousands of vessels have Kittiwake test kits on board, which are used every day by crew to gain vital information on engine and equipment health or to test fuel quality and compatibility.

Rumbol concludes: “Many users have been unaware that Kittiwake is both manufacturer and technologist, as some products are branded under other company names. We want to ensure that Parker Kittiwake is synonymous with providing vital wear analysis information using sophisticated yet simple to operate equipment. We’re delighted to add Kloska Group and Technava SA to our network of dedicated marine distributors and look forward to supporting the industry in realising the commercial rewards that condition based monitoring presents.”

Kloska Group and Technava SA have a long history in the marine industry. Both companies will have trained representatives that understand the full Kittiwake range of condition monitoring equipment and opportunities for ship-owners and operators. As Parker Kittiwake continues its growth path, further distributor appointments are expected to follow this year. To learn more please visit

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