Hepco's new assembly facility will allow larger system builds

13 January 2016

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Hepco's new assembly facility will allow larger system buildsHighlighting its continued growth and focus on the future, HepcoMotion has recently moved into a new assembly area. Keeping pace with demand, Hepco has trebled the floor space available for assembly in order to accommodate larger system builds and future demands.

Sporting a brighter, lighter, cleaner and quieter environment, the new area is well suited to assemble complex systems. As a manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components, this was of paramount importance for Hepco. The improved facility is also well served to accommodate future demands in line with Hepco’s continued growth.

The impressively sized 60 square metre assembly area can now accommodate systems up to 30m in length – a marked increase from the previous 14m capacity. The bigger space has already been fully utilised by HepcoAutomation, a division of HepcoMotion that offers advanced automation systems, who recently tested a 20 metre DLS5 Belt Driven Actuator for a nuclear customer in the new facility.

Designed for quick and high-quality production, the new assembly area is located directly next to stores. This location promotes better efficiency due to a reduction in transportation of components, packaging and shipping. As there is now less movement of product, there is also a reduction in manual handling of cumbersome systems and consequently a reduced level of risk in terms of accidents. The new location also fosters improved communications across the manufacturing team, resulting in improved efficiency. Fully equipped, the new area has a double crane gantry system to manoeuvre heavy, long and large products.

The facility is flexible in layout so that Hepco can build several projects simultaneously. Hepco can now assemble products, undertake final testing and ship a finished product all within the same area, resulting in greater efficiency. Furthermore, with its quiet and clean environment, the new high-quality assembly area provides the perfect platform for Hepco to showcase its products to customers.

The space for the new assembly hall has become available following the movement of Hepco’s raw materials to a new, purpose built £650K building last year. The new assembly hall has generated a further 200 square metres of available space for future capital investment and growth opportunities.

With a strong heritage of continued innovation in the world of linear motion, Hepco looks forward to utilising the new facilities. Go to for further information.

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