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24 February 2016

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From making alternative energy more economical to engineering better medicines, engineers and scientists are the minds behind the innovations that power our cities, keep us healthy and sustain our planet.

Today’s world is a connected one – with more sensing, intelligence and wireless capabilities, engineers can acquire and analyse data more rapidly and therefore, have a tremendous opportunity to gain valuable insights and discover what will drive the technological advancements of tomorrow. This opportunity also presents us with a very important question: with systems becoming more intelligent, more connected, and more complex, will the next generation of engineers be adequately equipped to solve tomorrow’s problems?

For nearly 40 years, NI has helped engineers and scientists gain instrumental insight into the world’s greatest engineering challenges and helped them efficiently build breakthrough solutions with a performance modular platform-based approach. It’s NI’s mission to provide researchers with the leading-edge technologies to innovate and prototype; educators with attainable tools to demonstrate concepts and robust curricula to effectively teach; and importantly, students with engaging hands-on learning experiences and the inspiration to pursue careers in math and science.

You can find NI technologies in research labs, university lecture halls and even kindergarten classrooms around the world. Over the years, NI has witnessed university student design groups, high school robotics clubs and advanced researchers solve complex problems and design incredible systems. The common thread is the desire and ability of all ages to use NI instrumentation for quick discovery and fast design. NI is a part of thousands of innovative engineering projects and technological discoveries.

Engineers Week celebrates how engineers make a difference in our world and acknowledges the important role engineers play in improving society and our quality of life. Join NI in recognising the need for skilled engineers and inspiring today’s students to become the innovators of tomorrow.

See some of the impressive work students and researchers are tackling below and join the conversation by following NI on Twitter, Facebook and the company’s new Tumblr page to see what news there is in store for the rest of the week.

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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