Pilz machinery safety training courses in August and September

22 July 2016

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Pilz machinery safety training courses in August and SeptemberPilz UK is holding a series of one-day machinery safety training courses in August and September 2016. While some address general machinery safety issues, others relate specifically to Pilz products.

PNOZmulti basic training - 22 August

The Pilz PNOZmulti software-configurable modular safety controller is extremely versatile, with models and expansion capability to suit various sizes of machines with simple or relatively complex safety requirements. This training course will introduce the PNOZmulti family, show how the software is configured using a drag-and-drop tool, demonstrate how the configuration is uploaded to the PNOZmulti hardware, and show how to monitor the program and troubleshoot problems. Hands-on sessions give attendees time and experience with the hardware and Configurator tool.

PSS 3000 service and troubleshooting course - 23 August

The objective of this course is to equip delegates with the skills required to troubleshoot Pilz PSS SafetyBUS p systems. During the day, delegates will become familiar with the system's reporting and diagnostic capabilities, and will be shown how to quickly identify fault codes. As well as receiving an introduction to the PSS (Programmable Safety System) family, delegates will learn about the 'standard' (automation control) and 'safety' sections of the PSS and the correction application of a structured program. In addition, delegates will find out how to differentiate between errors reported by the operating system and errors reported by the application, how to identify which network device to interrogate for current errors, and how to use the powerful diagnostic tools that are inherent components of the PSS controllers.

PSS 4000 service and troubleshooting course - 24 August

The Pilz PSS 4000 automation and control system is a sophisticated combination of hardware and software that can be used for the complete control (automation and safety) of a machine and process; alternatively, it can be used as a powerful safety controller alone. One of the major benefits of the PSS 4000 is the comprehensive diagnostics that are available, so this course teaches delegates how to use these for troubleshooting.

Machinery Directive and CE Marking - 6 September

This one-day training course provides detailed understanding of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the requirements in relation to CE marking. As well as explaining the responsibilities of machine manufacturers, operators, importers and designers with regards to CE Marking to the Machinery Directive, the course also touches on some of the other directives that can be applicable in certain circumstances, namely the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Low Voltage (LVD), Pressure Equipment (PED) and Atmosphere Explosives (ATEX).

PUWER training course - 7 September

This training course provides an overview of PUWER including parts 1-5, covering responsibilities, duties placed on individuals, and to what equipment Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) relate. In addition to covering the essentials of PUWER, the course also highlights standards that can be used to aid compliance. Topics include: the background to the Regulations, work equipment suitability, risk assessments, maintenance, instructions, training, dangerous parts of machinery, how to control risks, controls and control systems.

All of these courses are delivered by experienced trainers and cost £250 per person. The courses are excellent for engineers and managers wanting to refresh their knowledge or further develop their knowledge and skills.

Follow the links for more information or to book a place on any of these machinery safety training courses. Note that if the dates above not convenient, Pilz will be running further training days later in the year - as well as courses covering different machinery safety subjects.

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