Technology for uncharted worlds: learn more in driven magazine

13 April 2016

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Technology for uncharted worlds: learn more in driven magazineWe know more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the ocean. That’s no surprise given the conditions there, and yet an increasing number of ever more sophisticated vehicles are making their way down to the seabed. driven, the maxon motor magazine, goes on a dive and brings back surprising facts and stories.

Sophisticated robotic vehicles, autonomous or controlled via cables, are exploring the underwater world in search of scientific data, natural resources, and sunken shipwrecks. The technologies used must be able to resist aggressive salt water and huge ambient pressures. Learn more about how such systems are tested and where they are used in the latest issue of driven – the maxon motor magazine.

In the world of drives, the motor often takes centre stage. However, a powerful motor controller is just as important. Our expert explains what capabilities a motor controller needs and what products maxon has to offer. We will also discuss a key question: Brushed or brushless DC motors? Last but not least, driven is looking at the latest developments in the field of exoskeletons that allow people with mobility impairments to walk again.

driven appears twice a year as a print magazine in German and English. It can be ordered free of charge. All back issues are also available in tablet format in the App Store, on Google Play, and on Windows Apps.

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