Harting wins Hermes Award for MICA mini industrial computer

25 April 2016

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Harting wins Hermes Award for MICA mini industrial computerThe Harting Technology Group has won the coveted Hermes Award for the second time, beating four other competitors with its Harting MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture), a mini-industrial computer. The family-owned company had previously collected the prize, which is awarded by the Deutsche Messe, in 2006 for an RFID system.

Philip Harting, CEO of the technology group, stated: "The Hermes Award is the world's most important innovation prize for industry. We are very excited about this important victory. It highlights the innovative capacity of our engineers and developers." The presentation of the nominated innovations and the award took place as part of the opening ceremony for the exhibition in the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and USA President Barack Obama. The prize was presented by Professor Dr Johanna Wanka, Minister of Education and Research.

The Harting MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture), which was developed by subsidiary Harting IT Software Development, is an open and modular platform that functions as a core component consisting of embedded hardware and software for Industrie 4.0. The jury was also impressed by the concept of lightweight virtualisation using Linux containers, which the MICA achieves in a compact field device. The MICA provides existing machinery and systems with intelligence, making it possible to migrate existing factories towards Smart Factories. This, in turn, enables numerous SMEs to enter the world of Industrie 4.0.

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