Parker to showcase miniature fluidics technology at Analytica

09 May 2016

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Parker to showcase miniature fluidics technology at AnalyticaParker Hannifin will focus on its miniature fluidics technologies at the forthcoming Analytica 2016 exhibition in Munich on 10–13 May. Among the products showcased will be the R9 miniature diaphragm isolation valve, and the VSO LowPro and VSO Max HP miniature proportional valves. These advanced, compact products are intended to help analytical device designers create the lightweight, low power, portable products needed by patients to ensure they can receive the required healthcare with the minimum impact on their day-to-day lives.

Representing the company on Stand 517 in Hall A1 will be Parker Precision Fluidics, a division of Parker Hannifin that designs and develops technologies that recognise the benefits of keeping patients active and improving recovery rates. Medical devices have a huge role to play in these ambitions, but to do so they require the right enabling technologies.

The R9 series of miniature diaphragm isolation valves comprises a family of 2- and 3-way 9mm inert-rocker isolation valves designed to offer the flow of larger 16mm valves but in a much smaller space (44 per cent less width). They also offer the advantage of working pressures up to 6.9 bar. Able to deliver low carryover performance with particulate and crystallisation resistance, this valve is well suited to today’s demanding liquid-handling applications such as sampling and reagent addition.

A further attraction for visitors to Analytica 2016 will be Parker’s range of miniature proportional valves, which includes the VSO LowPro for flow rates up to 50 slpm. The VSO LowPro offers up to 1.5W of power at room temperature, and is just 16mm wide by 14mm tall, ensuring it can be populated into small portable devices to improve performance, size and weight. It is good option for respiratory systems such as portable oxygen concentrators and ventilators, as well as patient-monitoring equipment applications.

Complementing the VSO LowPro at the exhibition will be VSO Max HP, a non-thermally compensated, 2-way NC proportional valve that provides flow greater than 200 slpm at 3.10 bar. This is achieved using less than 2W of power, which is some 25 per cent less than comparable miniature valves from other manufacturers, while the maximum operating pressure of up to 8.27 bar eliminates the need for an inlet regulator. These attributes make it useful for smaller, sleeker medical devices where low hysteresis and rapid response are required, such as ventilators, insufflators and anaesthesia delivery and monitoring equipment.

Analytica 2016 will be the 25th year for this international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis products and biotech systems. Visitors to the Parker stand will discover how potential can be turned into reality for the next generation of medical devices. For more information, visit

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