‘Threebots’ interactive robot installation receives awards

06 September 2016

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‘Threebots’ interactive robot installation receives awardsMitsubishi Electric’s interactive robotic installation known as ‘Threebots’ has received several coveted awards since its installation at the new German branch office in Ratingen. They include the ‘Cutting Edge Award’ presented by Adobe, and ‘FWA’ ( the latter of which was awarded by a jury of more than 200 experts in recognition of projects that use cutting-edge technology to communicate knowledge. In addition, the entire exhibition ‘The World of Mitsubishi Electric’, of which ‘Threebots’ is a part, has been nominated for a ‘German Design Award’.

The exhibition ‘The World of Mitsubishi Electric’ provides a walk-through presentation of the company’s wide range of technologies and how they are used. General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Germany, Mr Georg Jennen comments: “We set ourselves the task of producing an interesting display which demonstrates Mitsubishi Electric’s products and how they are used. The three robots used as part of the exhibition not only demonstrate our robotic technology capabilities, but also vividly illustrate our other product ranges”.

In addition to the robots, 90 per cent of the components in the entire exhibition are Mitsubishi Electric’s own products and systems. The displays, servo-motors, controllers and the control technology which drives ‘Threebots’, as well as the three articulated robots and 27-inch displays combine to perform a continuous coordinated routine featuring simultaneous animations on the monitors. This technically challenging choreography and its effortless motion was one of the key reasons that the jury chose Threebots for the Cutting Edge Award.

The independent operation of Threebots can be interrupted at any time by visitors using a touchpad. They can then select a product or component to find out more detailed information which is provided at line-of sight by the robots and their monitors. After a short period, the robots return to their programmed routine. Mr Jan-Philipp Liersch, Product Manager for Robots at Mitsubishi Electric Germany explains: “Visitors are often spellbound by the agile and precise movements of the robots. We deliberately choreographed the robots to break with conventional robotic motion patterns and we think this makes the display particularly impressive”.

The World of Mitsubishi Electric exhibition can be found in the entrance foyer of the new Germany headquarters in Ratingen-Ost and is supported by an exhibition guide available in German, English and Japanese. Go to for more information.

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