Mclennan is exclusive UK and Ireland sales partner for Phytron

12 June 2017

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Mclennan is exclusive UK and Ireland sales partner for PhytronEffective from June 2017, Phytron GmbH has appointed Mclennan Servo Supplies as its exclusive UK and Ireland sales partner. Mclennan will handle enquiries and provide technical and sales support for the manufacturer of specialist and extreme environment stepper motor, drive and motion systems. The move follows Mclennan's experience specifying and integrating Phytron's standard and extreme-grade motion components in various industrial, vacuum, space and cryogenic applications across the fields of manufacture, test, process industries and scientific research.

Phytron's comprehensive product range extends from standard industrial to highly specialised stepper motors that are well proven in, for example, ultra-high-vacuum to 10-11hPa or use on spacecraft – the heritage of these extreme tasks includes motion axis drives for the Mars Rover Curiosity, the Jupiter JUNO mission, BepiColombo-MERTIS and many more. Such specialist technology includes design concept and manufacturing proficiency for extreme temperatures and environments utilising construction materials that include titanium and stainless steels. Design criteria typically include low magnetic emissions, radiation resistance and the application of dry bearing systems.

The 'German Mittelstand' Company also offers industrial and specialist-grade stepper motors with a comprehensive range of compatible stepper drives, gearboxes and motion controls for use in the demanding conditions required for aerospace, medical equipment, cleanroom, particle accelerator, cryogenics and more. Other individual products include: dedicated stepper drives for Siemens SIMATIC PLCs and Arduino APS-Shield open-source educational kits; and programmable stepper motor controls for up to 18 axes of motion, including optional LabVIEW virtual instrument graphical programming. Phytron has ISO 9001 and EN 9100 'Aircert' certification for the aerospace industry.

Linear actuator

A further example of Phytron's technological expertise is demonstrated by its recently introduced LA25 stepper-driven linear actuator for use in ultra-high vacuum and temperature as low as -269degC that provides a working precision to <0.01mm with a load 10N. The compact 25mm diameter actuator is designed for cryogenic applications where linear transmission needs to be directly applied inside the vacuum chamber and not through mechanical feed-throughs that can be cumbersome and problematical for vacuum reliability.

Jon Bentley, Mclennan's managing director, is excited by the opportunities for challenging motion applications the partnership will offer. He says: "Having worked closely with Phytron GmbH over the years we know how professional and dedicated they are, and we look forward to the enhanced offer this closer relationship will yield for demanding applications for our existing customers and new prospects."

With distribution partnerships and its own comprehensive design and build service available, Mclennan provides stepper and servo motor-based automation products from single components to complete mechatronic assemblies. Follow the link for more information about the Phytron product range.

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