£10k CheckMate Print Head verifies tricky CIJ printed codes

20 July 2017

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£10k CheckMate Print Head verifies tricky CIJ printed codesWith heightened safety standards for manufacturers and the need for effective batch control, at PPMA 2017 on stand G44 ClearView Imaging will be launching the new CheckMate Print Head, a more accurate and affordable on-line batch verification print and vision system. The high-performance vision system promises to revolutionise the verification of continuous ink-jet-product and batch information on a huge variety of packaging formats, designs, colours and substrates allowing for controlled batch recalls.

ClearView Imaging Managing Director Allan Anderson explains the problem that manufacturers face: “Global recalls have devastating cost and brand image implications for manufacturers and retailers alike. Yet the market faces continuous pressure on margins and, as a result, has difficulty financially justifying costly in-line batch-verification systems.”

The CheckMate Print Head unit is based on industrial-grade, IP67 smart camera technology and proven, patented algorithms built around dot matrix printing, and is able to verify legibility rather than simple comparison of continuous ink-jet (CIJ) codes. The patented system does not use image pre-processing, a procedure that is very intolerant of minor deviations in character and string separation, and even more intolerant of incomplete character prints. Pre-processing also introduces its own issues due to the way it dilates the printed dots in order to create complete strokes and strings for recognition purposes.

ClearView Imaging’s technique offers greater readability of the codes. Its patented algorithm is capable of discerning individual characters – even partially printed ones – with far more accuracy, resulting in higher quality levels, improved confidence in the printed information, low spurious faults (prints rejected by the system but are still legible to the human eye) and greater peace of mind for those who rely on lot code identification should a product recall ever become necessary.

The system boasts to be the only in-line print and verification equipment (comprising the CheckMate Print Head and a Linx 10 CIJ printer) for £10,000, including installation and commissioning – making it affordable to manufacturers with already tight margins. The CheckMate Print Head will also work with any CIJ printer, making it an attractive retrofit option.

Value engineered to focus on this application and designed to mimic the set-up of the CIJ printing system, this simple-to-use system satisfies the growing pressure throughout the industry for reliable but cost-effective options to more effectively verify batch information printed on-line.

For more information about the new CheckMate Print Head go to, or visit ClearView Imaging at PPMA 2017 on stand G44.

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