Webinar: how low-cost automation can benefit your business

06 December 2017

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Webinar: how low-cost automation can benefit your businessAutomation is becoming ever more relevant for increased productivity, lean operation and reliability in a wide and varied range of applications. In a recorded webinar, Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director at igus, shows how modular components from the drylin E and robolink ranges can be combined to create low-cost automation systems.

Both the drylin E linear robots and robolink collaborative robotic arms utilise iglidur engineering plastics, which are self-lubricating and therefore maintenance-free. This material also has excellent wear and friction values and ensures smooth and silent motion.

Depending on the application, the linear systems can be driven by a lead screw or toothed belt. The modularity of the drylin E range enables it to be used for simple positioning movements (up-down or left-right) or sophisticated gantries for x, y and z movement. Typical applications include pick-and-place machines, 3D printers, camera systems and laboratory test equipment. With the addition of the robolink technology, the range of movement is much more sophisticated.

To watch the webinar and see some examples of how igus technology is being used to create low-cost automation systems, go to

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